Fit footwear is foremost for runners.

Athletic shoes aren’t actually fancy, although one might expect them to be, based on their price tags. For runners, fit and function are far more important than aesthetics. Sure, we like to pick pretty colors and patterns, if possible.

But the most important features of running shoes are fit and function.

When we’re training for upcoming events, we might pick trail shoes, hiking shoes, track shoes, or basic running shoes. We talk about pronation, heel lifts, and toe-box widths. We bend new sneakers back and forth in our hands to examine their flexibility.

Then we look at the price stickers and gasp like first-time marathoners reaching the finish line.

But we ante up anyway. Because finding the best fitting running shoe is sort of like stumbling onto the Holy Grail. Then we buy two pairs, if we can possibly afford them.


We double up because one of the cardinal rules of running is that a sport shoe company is likely to discontinue designs at whim. We don’t want to start all over in the shoe search, once we’ve logged a few hundred miles in our new favorites.

Step right up. Here’s today’s “Running Quotes by Non-Runners” pick.

“If God sends us on strong paths, we are provided strong shoes.” Corrie ten Boom (1892-1983)

Corrie ten Boom was not a runner, and she most definitely never had spiffy sneakers. In fact, the Dutch watchmaker’s daughter was arrested and imprisoned by the Nazis in a concentration camp. The family had sheltered Jewish people from capture in a secret spot in their home. Her story is told in The Hiding Place (1971 book and 1975 movie). She definitely walked a strong path, even if she wore tattered Nazi-issued prisoner shoes.

Today’s quote is totally taken out of context.

But the gist of it rings true, particularly for those who pursue extra difficult races, trails, obstacle courses, endurance events, or other challenges.

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