Running 2,018 in 2018: 1,000 is half the battle

Whew. I finally passed the 1,000-mile mark this past weekend, logging mileage in my sneakers. I’m aiming to do at least 2,018 miles in 2018. Routine daily steps don’t count. These are intentional exercise miles, including such (outdoor and indoor) pursuits as:

  • running solo or with friends
  • running with my dogs
  • running on the track
  • running at the gym (on track or on machines)
  • hiking
  • trail running
  • and any other form of intentional sneaker-wearing jogging or running.
Hey, if we were counting Garmin steps, I’d be just about done already.

But here I am at 1,000-plus miles. That means I have completed 50% of the miles towards this year’s goal. Has it been difficult? You don’t know the half of it.

Plus, I have used up a couple of pairs of running shoes. Another is nearly spent. And a brand-new pair of Brooks is working its way into the rotation.

But if well begun is half done, then halfway done must be worth something, right?

I’m just glad to be keeping up with the goal schedule.

With marathon training underway, counting down the weeks and days till my first attempt at a 26.2 race (this fall), it may grow tougher to log consistent mileage. The training chart has high- and low-mile days, as well as a couple of rest days each week. And I will likely have to dial down my distances for a while after that race.

So I’m glad to be a bit ahead of schedule on the 2,018-mile thing. Think I’ll make it by the end of December? 

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