Walking works wonders for warmups and workouts

Can’t run this week? Why not walk instead? Scores of runners rack up multitudinous miles by walking, especially when temporary weakness or injury or other physical challenges interrupt their running routines.

Are you starting a runner training regimen for the first time or coming back after an idle season? Walking is the key! Ask any runner, and you may find that he or she started out by walking that first mile.

Like a toddler, who crawls before walking, the beginning runner sets off at the walk before jogging and then running. It’s all about putting one foot in front of the other and keeping it going.

I started with walking.

After a traumatic equestrian accident, in which I suffered a dozen fractures and a collapsed lung, I began walking. At first, I walked about a half a mile in my own neighborhood. Before long, I was jogging and logging multiple miles. A few months later, I ran my first 5K. And a few months after that, I completed my first half marathon.

Lots of runners have similar stories. Walking is genuine exercise, especially when it’s a steady and sustained effort.

How does a person step into a walking program?

Go ahead, and park a little farther from the building (at home, at work, or at the store). Take a stroll around the block before or after work, or loop around the parking lot on your lunch break. As your stamina grows, you may surprise yourself. Take a look at Runderdog’s “Running Quotes by Non-Runners” pick for today: 

Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.” Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

Thomas Jefferson, America’s third President, may not have been an avid runner (or even a race walker), but he apparently walked plenty. According to American  lore, Jefferson walked to and from his own Presidential inauguration ceremony, instead of riding in the traditional horse-drawn carriage to the proceedings.

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