Marathons: Maybe I lied about one-and-done

Honesty is important to me. Truly, it is. But I might have fibbed about never doing a second marathon.

Perhaps I wasn’t fibbing at all. At least, not intentionally.

Before completing the first one recently, I really thought the whole 26.2-mile thing would be a one-time endeavor to me. The marathon was a dragon to be slayed, especially 10 years after my MS diagnosis and one month before a milestone birthday. And I survived the race.

Even after crossing the finish line in Chicago (I know. Jump right in with one of the World Marathon Majors, right? Go big, or go home.), I was pretty much resigned to returning to much more manageable half marathons and shorter races.

But now I am not so sure.

My body is healing. I somehow managed to hold onto all my toenails (even the now-strangely colored ones). My ears have stopped ringing. My multiple sore muscles have begun feeling better.

I’m ramping up my mileage again.

And I’m constructing my calendar for the coming year.

Uh-oh. Did I mention several runner friends are chatting me up about next year’s marathons? 

The marathon is addicting. Maybe I can't stop at just one.

Cue the run-crazed brain waves here.

So, all kidding aside, I’m looking at several different marathons (many months out) and pondering which one to consider. In the meantime, I’m already registered for a few 13.1s, including some pacer slots. And I’ve committed to several 5Ks during the colder months. The longer races will start in the spring – at least, for me.

Living with multiple sclerosis (which includes heat sensitivity), I’ll probably hold off till next fall for another full marathon. But I’m already looking.

And that’s the truth.

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