Summer goal: Finding my abs

Goals are great, especially when it comes to motivation towards better personal fitness. I’ve already posted about participating in the Run the Year Challenge (2,017 miles in 2017), and you can track my progress in the left-hand sidebar of this page.

Alert the media. (No, please don’t do that!). 

I’m setting another personal goal. I want to find my abs this summer. They’ve sort of gone missing. OK, they’ve been hidden for years.

I haven't exactly gone to waste (Sorry, had to.). And I’m not a gazillion pounds overweight or anything, but gravity has sort of rounded things out a bit in that general neighborhood.

(Yes, I’m still wearing the same size of clothing as I have since I was in my 20s. And I weigh the same again now as I did then. But I want to strengthen my core more.)

With all this running (and working out at the gym), I have noticed that my clothes fit a whole lot differently than they did a couple of years ago. I’ve had to tighten my belt. My skinny-style jeans are a lot less snug. My slouchier ones have grown sort of frumpy, as they’re much baggier than they once were. But still –

I want a pack.

It doesn’t even have to be a six-pack. It can be a four-pack, or even a two-pack. It’s just gotta be LESS packed, if you get my meaning.

I'm not being oblique here. I simply want some definition in my abdominal muscles. I know they're in there. (They shout at me in exercise class and on certain weight training machines.) They just have to find their way to the surface.

It’s gonna take guts to get this done. (Hey, it’s not a cinch.)

Abs are hard to come by, especially as our middle years roll along. The fittest folks swear by sit-ups and crunches, which are extra challenging for someone who has MS demyelination in various spots of the neck and back. (Lying down flat makes my head whirl. It’s not pretty.)

Who wants to bet I can do it? (Please don’t say I can’t. That would be hitting below the, er, belt.)

Oh, and I promise not to wear a bikini in public or anything like that, even when my abs reemerge. And I won’t run out and get a belly tattoo or have my navel pierced. Wouldn’t be prudent. (I blew my 20s away too long ago for that.)

Note to well-meaning readers and friends: Please stop sending me (or commenting with) info and links for tummy wraps, belly-reducing elixirs and oils, and other products and programs claimed to be shortcuts at producing ripped abdominal muscles. I'm gonna work at this thing the old-fashioned way. However, encouraging comments and successful personal fitness anecdotes are always welcome!

Adapted from public domain artwork.

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