Exercise leads to expeditious expectations.

Why do you run? What propels you to tuck your toes into sneakers and run mile after mile after mile? What motivates you to hoist heavy weights, pedal up high hills, or swim countless laps?

It’s not just about burning calories or whittling our waistlines.

Running is a beautiful and mighty thing.

It’s energizing and entitling and invigorating. And there are moments on the run when we fairly transcend daily drudgery, cast off cares, and cruise along in an unparalleled zone.

Today’s “Running Quotes by Non-Runners” inspiration comes from an American Transcendentalist author and philosopher.

“Power and speed be hands and feet.” Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Don’t you know it, even if both might be a little sore sometimes?

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  1. Finally today the weather relented here and I made it out for a run - feeling so much better now!

  2. Now and then I miss running. My knees no longer have cartilage, but who knows maybe if I get the knees fixed I can jog again. I used to imagine I was a messenger running between villages.


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