RW's 'Not Today' video sounds alarm on runner assaults


Runners World’s January 2022 documentary film, titled Not Today, details the horrific experiences of three female runners, who suffered violent attacks while running. One of these runners survived the assault; two did not.


 Honestly, I hate that a video like this one even has to be made. But it does.

The film focuses on these three runners, profiling these examples, which are representative of so many more.

  1. Kelly Herron (36 at the time) was cornered in a restroom in a public park in Seattle in March 2017. She was able to fight off the attacker and escape.
  2. Mollie Tibbetts (20) was stabbed to death while running in small-town Iowa in July 2018.
  3. Wendy Martinez (25) was likewise murdered during a jog in Washington, D.C., in September 2019.

 According to the RW film, 84 percent of women runners have been harassed while running. Incidents range from catcalling to kidnapping, stalking to stabbing, following to full-out physical violence.

 You can watch the video on RW’s YouTube channel here.



 Every week, headlines announce new attacks on joggers of every age and gender, from Central Park in New York to Central Florida, from Michigan to Manhattan, from Arizona to Atlanta, from Cleveland to Chicago, and so on.


Despite these tragic (and infuriating) occurrences, we continue to run.

 Some pick partners for training or join running teams. Increasingly, joggers carry pepper spray, personal alarms, self-defense rings, stun guns, or even weapons. Although we almost universally enjoy music on the run, many have stopped wearing earphones, so we can hear our surroundings. (I prefer the neckband-style of Bluetooth headphones. Mine has retractable earbuds, which I do not use on the run.) Plenty run with dogs, who may deter strangers from approaching. Essentially, all of us run with fully charged phones and GPS mileage/activity trackers strapped aboard.

 Personally, I’ve experienced honking horns, rude comments, and uninvited approaches. I’ve changed my running routes midway to avoid creepy looking strangers, live-parked panel vans, and other shady looking situations. I seldom run alone in secluded spots or woodsy trails, choosing busy roads and familiar areas instead. I’d rather jump off the county highway shoulder into the weeds to avoid oncoming traffic than encounter an unexpected surprise in a desolate spot.

 Most of the time I run with at least one other person, or at least with a couple of big, alert, high-energy dogs. These two are snuggly pets at home, but they are trained to recognize danger and they’ll take down a full-sized adult or two, if they have to.

It's a crazy world, and it's terrible that runners have to take extra precautions and be super-vigilant about potential attacks. Maybe this video will heighten awareness to the prevalence of such violence, encouraging runners and others to be alert and to help one another stay safer out there.


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New year, new goals -- Gotta love it!


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 Maybe we’ve met those goals. And maybe not.  It's OK.


It’s time for grace … and more than a little gusto.

 Were your favorite races canceled (or transformed into virtual events)? Did injury or illness hold you back? Did quarantining keep you from the gym, the track, running clubs, or training sessions with others?


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 I’m all-in again to run the year in mileage. This will be my sixth time in a row. And I’m in a running club for which we are all encouraged to set yearly goals. Mine will match the year again. I aim to clock 2,022 miles in 2022.


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