1st Quarter check-in: On-track to run 2,018 in 2018

Whew! On the last day of March, marking the end of the year’s first quarter, I am right on schedule. My current total is 504.05 miles.

OK, technically I have to run 504.5 miles per quarter to rack up 2,018 miles by the end of this year. So maybe I’ll take the dogs out for a lap or two around the block. (Just kidding.)

I ran 184.8 miles in the month of March and completed the last event in a six-race winter 5K series. Honestly, I’m relieved to be on-track, particularly as I have some longer races coming up (along with marathon training), and I will have to block out some of those dreaded taper and rest days.

So I’d hate to be behind on my year-to-date mileage total at this point.

Gotta say: I am thankful that spring weather seems to be lingering rather faithfully. It’s a lot more fun (Read: less boring) to run longer distances outdoors (especially in pleasant weather) than to stomp out miles on an indoor track or gym equipment. Although I appreciate having those options available, I really prefer being out and about.

So here’s to three more quarters of running 500+ miles to mark the year’s goal.

Stop back, and see if I make it (for the second year in a row).

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Gym dandy: 30 get-the-point songs we'd like to hear at the gym

Sure, every athlete has a playlist (or 20 playlists) of favorite workout tunes. Most are upbeat numbers, often featuring inspiring lyrics and peppy percussion. But maybe it’s not always about tempo.

Here are 30 get-the-point songs we’d like to hear at the gym.

You can keep “Let’s Get Physical,” “Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” “We Will Rock You,” and “Pump It Up.” 

Because honestly: How do you really feel, when you're hitting it hard at the gym?

Each of these songs packs a punch with messages that might be helpful for sharing with certain people at the gym. (Of course, that would probably mean pulling off the earbuds and cranking the tunes on the facility speakers.)

As a bonus, this list crosses the lines into multiple musical genres and decades. (Title links lead to YouTube music videos for these songs.)

  1. Another One Bites the Dust,” by Queen
  2. Back on My Feet Again,” by Randy Newman
  3. Blood in My Eyes,” by Bob Dylan
  4. Dare You to Move,” by Switchfoot
  5. Dirty Laundry,” by Don Henley
  6. Don’t Stand So Close to Me, by The Police
  7. Don’t Talk to Strangers,” by Rick Springfield
  8. Get Off of My Cloud,” by The Rolling Stones
  9. Give Me Novocaine,” by Green Day
  10. Help Me Up,” by Eric Clapton
  11. High Blood Pressure,” by Jerry Lee Lewis
  12. Hit the Road, Jack” by Ray Charles
  13. How Long,” by The Eagles
  14. Hungry Like the Wolf,” by Duran Duran
  15. Hungry,” by Paul Revere & The Raiders
  16. Hurt So Bad,” by Little Anthony & The Imperials
  17. I’m Not Looking,” by Mary J. Blige and K-Ci Hailey
  18. I’m Not Running Anymore,” by John Mellencamp
  19. I’m So Tired,” by The Beatles
  20. Just Walk Away Renee,” by The Left Banke
  21. Keep Your Hands to Yourself,” by The Georgia Satellites
  22. Last Night,” by The Traveling Wilburys
  23. Running on Empty,” by Jackson Browne
  24. Stitches,” by Shawn Mendes
  25. That Don’t Impress Me Much,” by Shania Twain
  26. That Smell,” by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  27. Walk on By,” by Dionne Warwick
  28. Welcome to the Machine,” by Pink Floyd
  29. Who Are You,” by The Who
  30. Will It Go ‘Round in Circles,” by Billy Preston
Personally, I have felt like citing the title (or a few lyrics) of almost every song on this list -- in the past week alone. Which song/s best fit/s your current gym workout situation?
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State your case: In how many US states have you run?

Can you list the various states in which you have run? Nope, we’re not counting a state of confusion, a state of mind, a state of grace, or even a state of hypnosis. Your state of consciousness doesn’t count, either, even if it changes frequently. 

Let me restate that: We’re talking official US states here.

Many a runner aims to complete at least one race (perhaps a half marathon, a full marathon, or a triathlon) in each of the 50 US states.

Is that you? If so, which states have you marked off on your list? And in which states will you run races this year?

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Here’s a fun idea. 

Bondi Bands now has classic stretchy sports headbands (for men and women) for every single US state. They’re offering a BOGO (buy-one-get-one) deal: USBOGO is the code for the checkout screen on their website.

That makes it easier to stock up on US states headbands to wear while racing in each state – or to sport after completing a race in each one.

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US map graphic adapted by Runderdog from public domain image
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