Mileage goals - 60% of 2,017 feels good

Goals are good. A sturdy scoreboard can be just the ticket, when I need a little extra motivation to keep going. (How’s that for a few mixed metaphors, sports fans?)

OK, I totally get it that goals have to be flexible to a point.

Real-life can interrupt the process, no matter how determined we may be. Unmistakable challenges can knock us over anywhere along the way, at least for a while.

I understand. Maybe that’s because I live with multiple sclerosis. That is an unmistakable challenge for sure.

This nasty beast (often called the MS MonSter) wages war without warning on the central nervous system, essentially wreaking havoc on the body’s electrical wiring (if you will). That can cause all sorts of balance, coordination, fatigue, mobility, and other problems. I’ve seen super-strong, energetic, highly motivated people sidelined (temporarily or worse) by MS from what seemed like realistic and achievable goals.

It wasn’t their spirit or wherewithal that failed. MS just clobbered them midway.

Because I battle this ugly beast, I am grateful for every step, every mile, every race, and every day that I can keep on running. I've had setbacks. But, thank God. I'm still moving.

Where am I on my 2017 mileage goal?

One week into the year’s eighth month, I am breathing a sigh of relief. My year-to-date mileage total is on-track for my 2017 goal of logging 2,017 miles.

My objective includes only intentional exercise miles. This is not my Fitbit step count. It’s lace-up-the-sneakers, and get-out-there-and-sweat mileage. That’s all that counts for this goal.

The total includes cross-country running, dog-joring / canicross miles, elliptical miles, road miles, track miles, trail running miles, and treadmill miles.

It does not include activities like bicycling, calisthenics, circuit class, dance, errand running, horseback riding, mall walking, or round-the-block strolls.

By the end of August, I will need to have completed 1,343 miles for the year. Check back, and see if I make it.

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