Ever hide your phone in your bra for a run?

Running ladies: Have you ever stashed your phone in your sports bra for a race or run? (Guys: Feel free to scan the sidebar for posts that pertain more to you.)

Color me guilty. I’ve done it. And it didn’t work out so well. Let’s just say I am grateful that I sprang for the Lifeproof phone case. (It’s pretty much unbreakable. Trust me. Mine’s been tested plenty. Plus it’s essentially waterproof.)

Back to the sports bra thing.

Like many runners, I can grow sort of tired of strapping on waist packs, wrist packs, or arm bands – just to hold my phone. And it's hard to find running shorts, capris, or tights that will securely hold a phone, either.

But I won’t run without it (even when I run with other people). My phone provides music, distance tracking, and just-in-case security on-the-go. (Yes, there was this one time when I actually called home on a long run, summoning a rescue. The temperature was about 100 degrees, and I had run out of water.)

Again, back to the sports bra thing.

Here’s a cool idea. North Face offers a bra with a front-center pocket that’s designed to hold a cell phone. They call it the Stow-N-Go Sports Bra. It has a handy T-strap back design and comes in multiple solid and print color options, such as black, green, purple, and red.

This sports bra is somewhat pricey (about $45), but if it works, it might be worth a whirl. (Hey, I'd even publish a product review, if the company sent me one.) This sports bra is marked as medium- to high-impact.

Anyone tried it? I’d love to hear if you like it. I want to know if it stops the bounce – before I spring for the buy. And does the phone really stay put for the duration?

The North Face Stow-N-Go Sports Bra may not hold a runner’s keys and water bottle (not to mention those pesky and drop-worthy eyeglasses), but it could be the key to carrying a phone for a few miles.

North Face Stow-N-Go Sports Bra 
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