2,019 miles in 2019? Here we go!

It’s a brand-new year. Runners have re-set our personal goal charts for 2019. All our year-to-date mileage totals reverted to zero on New Year’s Day. We’re plotting our routes on new charts. We’re penciling in future races and runs on new calendars. We’re recording new monthly miles on calendars and online trackers.

What’s your 2019 running goal?

Here’s mine – or at least one of them. I re-registered for the Run the Year Challenge. That means I’m signed up to run 2,019 miles in 2019. 

That’s a whole lotta miles, right?

But I hope to get it done. Actually, this will be my third year in a row in this annual running goal program. I met the total each year (even a little ahead of time). But anything can happen in 12 months. I am grateful that I wasn’t sidelined long-term by injuries or illness. Multiple sclerosis tried to topple me a few times along the way, but the miles somehow added up anyway.

That means I’m game to try this crazy challenge again in 2019.

So here we go! Who’s with me?

Hey, there’s a finishers medal involved and new bibs (OK, online images of bibs) and a tee shirt involved. Gotta try to make it fun, right?

I'll be recording my progress on this site. Please c'mon back, and see how I do. (I could use the accountability.)

Adapted from public domain photo

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