Winter weight: 8 ways to stay trim during the holiday season

Run from winter weight gain!

The holiday season is here, with glad gatherings and gigantic goody fests all around. Folks dress up in festive clothes to gather for great food and fellowship with family members, friends, and others. Of course, the temptation to overindulge in all those holiday treats and sweets can be a dieter’s undoing. And for the runner, those rich food overloads can lead to real trouble on the trail or running path afterwards.

How can folks stay fit and trim during the holiday season?

Try these eight simple dieting tips for holiday celebrations.

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1. Stock up on fresh produce.

The most successful holiday dieters fill up their own home refrigerators with fresh vegetables, which are cleaned and cut and ready to eat. Why not place a big bowl of delicious fresh fruit on the kitchen counters, offering convenient and healthy snacks throughout the holiday season?

Those who make smart choices habitually are most likely to do the same at holiday parties. In fact, they may even offer to bring fresh vegetables or fruit salads to seasonal get-togethers.

2. Eat smart before attending holiday parties.

Savvy dieters do not fast before holiday gatherings. In fact, they eat healthy mini-meals, such as cheese or nuts or eggs, before attending these events. By doing so, these folks are less likely to succumb to the temptation to eat fatty, high-calorie appetizers, simply because they have taken the edge off their hunger ahead of time.

3. Wear a belt to holiday events.

For generations, folks have teased about wearing stretchy, elastic-waisted pants to holiday feasts. In truth, those who wear tailored clothing with fitted waistbands and even belts tend to be less likely to overindulge at the buffet counter or dinner table and to remain trimmer during the holiday season.

4. Choose smaller plates for holiday feasts.

A holiday buffet setting will usually offer a variety of plates for various courses of the meal. By selecting a salad or dessert plate, rather than a full-sized banquet plate, a dieter is more apt to take moderate portions of the food being offered. After all, a holiday smorgasbord need not be an all-you-can-eat affair, particularly for those who wish to stay trim during the holidays.

If a dieting diner spots a favorite high-fat or high-caloric holiday dish, he or she might wisely choose a half-portion.

The same principle holds true for a plated dinner, given the choice.

5. Drink lots of water throughout the holiday season.

Good hydration is essential to good health, particularly for dieters. As a bonus, those who drink plenty of water tend to feel full faster.  Healthy dieters might choose to drink water with holiday meals, rather than sugary sodas or alcoholic beverages, which tend to lead to more waist.

6. Offer to help holiday party hosts with serving or cleanup.

Besides moderating food consumption, those who wish to stay trim and slim during the holidays do well to remain as active as possible. Offering to help a party host or hostess by passing hors d’oeuvres or clearing the dinner table is one way to increase metabolism and goodwill at the same time. Plus, this keeps a partygoer busy, minimizing the temptation to munch continuously on high-calorie treats.

7. Get up and dance.

To burn even more calories at a holiday gathering and stay trim throughout the holiday season, a dieter might do well to get up and dance or to take a brisk walk, if such options are available. Why not keep moving, while keeping the holiday season merry and bright?

8. Don’t be discouraged by dietary slip-ups during the holiday season.

Inevitably, a holiday dieter will face times when overindulgence occurs. Everyone seems to slip up sometimes. The key is to continue, even afterwards. The most successful holiday dieters refuse to give up. Instead, they are willing to hop right back on the proverbial bandwagon the next day, dieting and exercising and aiming to stay trim during the holidays.

Runners, in particular, intentionally add a few miles to their training regimens in the days following holiday gatherings, as they plan to enjoy some richer fare than usual.

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