Thanks, Dick’s, for a fine experience of quality customer service!

Is the customer always right? Maybe not. But Dick’s Sporting Goods just earned some points with this customer (and with my family and social circles) by taking such a stance.

Here’s the quick recap:

I visited a local Dick’s store in mid-December with an older relative to do some holiday shopping. Together we picked out a couple of wonderful winter workout outfits. I was delighted with the generous gift! A friendly cashier helped us check out, even offering us some free flat-fold gift boxes to accompany our purchases.

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This reviewer has no prior or existing relationship (either familial or professional) with the company referenced here.

We left the store. I dropped off my relative, along with the shopping bag.

The next day, my relative telephoned to report somewhat anxiously that one of the winter workout outfits seemed to be missing.

I called the Dick’s store to ask if perhaps we’d left a shopping bag behind.

A staffer assured me that Dick’s would replace the missing garments, if I stopped by with the receipt. I did, and they did. (They even held the items at the front desk to make the process easier.)

Fast forward to Christmas.

When it came time to open the gifts, I discovered (to everyone’s surprise) that I received an extra parcel. It was the duplicate outfit! Apparently, the missing items were not missing at all. They’d simply been wrapped promptly and forgotten.

Promptly after Christmas, I revisited the Dick’s store and asked for the manager. I explained the strange story and handed her a bag with the still-tagged extra garments. She smiled and thanked me.

Goodwill goes a long way. I’ll be back, Dick’s.

(Now, please don't everyone run into Dick's Sporting Goods with used receipts and ask for free stuff. This was a genuine quandary - even if it turned out in an unexpected manner.)

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