Favorite holiday gifts: Customized race medals hanger

Did Santa bring you any running-related gifts this time around?

I think it’s extra cool when someone comes up with a holiday gift that truly fits the recipient. When people say, “It’s the thought that counts,” I’m pretty sure that’s what they mean. The best gifts are given with the grantees’ best interests in mind.

And this is particularly pertinent for runners, because we all know how often non-runners simply roll their eyes when we crow about our daily mileages, race times, and workout milestones. Some of those who don’t enjoy running may listen patiently, but plenty of them simply groan, either inwardly or audibly. We may even hear sarcastic or exasperated comments:

“There he goes, talking about running again.”
“Ugh, not another mileage boast.”
“Does she ever think about anything besides her next run?”
“If I have to listen to one more marathon story…”

So, when a gift giver is willing and able to enter our world and recognize our running passion with a spot-on present, then that means a lot to us.

LAN/Runderdog photo – all rights reserved
Look what my kid gave me for Christmas!

It’s a custom race medals rack, personalized with the name of my running blog site. Now, if I can just rack up a few medals this year to fill this thing up!

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