Color me impressed: Granny's got her workout on.

Whoa! Dashing into the gym, I think I nearly got run over by a Golden Girl. This peppy little lady was high-stepping it towards the parking lot, prancing along in her tan suede cowboy boots, while carrying her neon (but well-worn) pair of sneakers.

Honestly, she looked like a slightly younger version of Betty White. She had the same blonde bob-flip sort of hairstyle, with all the airy curls still holding in place. 

Nope, it wasn't her. Photo adapted by LAN/Runderdog on meme generator program.

Only she wasn’t in her 90s. She might have been mid-70s or more, though.

As I entered the gym, I couldn’t help but wonder. What amazing feats did she accomplish there that day? Did she do Zumba or yoga? Water aerobics or weight lifting? Shoot some hoops or cycle in a spin class? Maybe she logged a PR for a treadmill 10K. I have no idea.

Even so, I think I wanna be her when I grow up and still show up. But maybe with a different hairstyle. The blonde bob-flip thing doesn’t work so well on me.

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