Running wear: Tie a simple head wrap in four easy steps

Head wraps are popular accessories for runners in almost all sorts of weather. From stretchy bands to fleecy wraps, such headgear offers comfort, while keeping both hair and sweat off the face during a race, workout or training run. Running experts advise head covering for both hot and cold temperature jaunts.

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The simplest head wraps can be made from basic bandannas, square scarves, or fabric squares. Here’s how to do it, in four easy steps.

1. Spread the bandanna or square scarf on a counter, table, or large flat surface. Fold in diagonally in half, matching the corners, to make a large isosceles triangle.

2. Take the long edge, and fold it back into the triangle to form a one- to two-inch cuff.

3. Stretch the long folded edge against the forehead with the loose paired corners at the back of the head.

4. Wrap the folded cuff around the head to the back, and tie it snugly in a knot.

Consider these five popular variations on the simple head wrap:

1. For a jauntier pirate look, follow the same directions with this simple change: Shift the bandanna to the left or the right, and tie the knot on the side of the head.

2. For an old-fashioned Rosie the Riveter style, use the same method, but place the bandanna at the nape of the neck, and wrap it forwards, tying the knot on top of the head in front.

3. For a vintage kerchief option, simply fold the bandanna or scarf diagonally in half, place the fold at the forehead, and tie the knot at the base of the hairline in back. Allow the ponytail or loose hair to fall over the knot.

4. To make a basic headband, fold the bandanna or scarf diagonally in half to make a large triangle. Beginning with the right-angle pair of midway points, roll the triangle lengthwise to make a sash-like shape. Wrap this around the head, and tie it at the top of the head or in the back. Allow hair to hang loosely or anchored in a ponytail or braids, as desired.

5. The simple head wrap may also be made from a tee shirt. Lots of runners do this, if they choose to remove their tees during a run. (Hey, female runners sometimes dress in layers.) To do this, simply flatten the tee, and fold the hemline up to meet the neckline. Place the folded tee atop the head, and tie the sleeves snug enough to fit the head.

However it’s tied, a simple head wrap can keep hair contained and out of the way, especially when one is on the run.

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