Running product review: SmartWool Women's Margarita socks

Keep the margaritas, and give me these comfy winter socks instead. SmartWool Women’s Margarita socks fit the bill for cold-climate activities. I’m not exactly sure how they do it, but the folks at SmartWool seem to have figured out the magic formula for making socks warm enough for winter sports.

Color me a loyal customer. I’ve collected a few pairs now, and I wear them for running, hiking, horseback riding, dog walking, and a host of other cold-weather pursuits. This testimony was a long time in coming, as I grew up skiing in New England and still have some residual frostbite issues. That means my toes get cold fast, if my socks aren’t warm enough!

SmartWool Women’s Margarita socks - product promo photo/fair use

This particular pair of happy hosiery is knit from merino wool (65%), nylon (33%), and elastane (2%). The socks fit snugly, but true to size, with just enough stretch to hold them comfortably in place. (I can’t stand saggy socks!). They slip easily inside running shoes, slim riding boots, and other sports footwear. Also, the toe portion stays put, rather than bulking or twisting or bulging inside my trail or road sneakers. That’s a huge plus.

But here’s the best part: These socks keep feet cozy, while wicking moisture away. That counts for plenty in winter runs and races, where puddles and snowy slop abound and where participants often stand indoors until it’s time to line up for the start. Ask any runner about the perils of marching sweaty feet into the great out of doors on a frosty day. SmartWool seems to have all but eliminated that problem.

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These cozy winter socks come in a broad array of nifty stripey color variations.

Available in small (4-6.5), medium (7-9.5), or large (10-12.5), the knee-high version of SmartWool’s Margarita retails for $23.95 per pair, and the shorter ones cost 19.95.  There’s also a men’s version for $20.95. I picked up this pair for about $10 at TJ Maxx. It pays to hunt around a bit!

Sure, SmartWool Margarita socks are pricier than dime store brands, but my toasty toes say they’re worth it, even if I can only spring for a few pairs..

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