January update: Chippin' away at 2,017 miles for 2,017

Who’s doing the 2,017-mile challenge this year … and terrified of falling behind and having to make up all those extra miles? Don’t worry. We have got this thing!

Participants in this year-long event have opted to complete this mileage total individually or in teams. I am doing it with a team, but I also want to reach the goal individually.

To keep me accountable, I’ve placed a thermometer chart in the left-hand sidebar of this page. (Readers using smart phones and certain tablets probably have to enable the web-view format feature to see it.) I’m updating it regularly, so folks can see how far I’ve progressed towards the 2,017-mile goal for the year.

At this point, our four-person team (made up of members of our local Team RWB chapter) has passed the 400-mile mark. Individually, I have logged more than 125 miles this year.

I did run into a technical glitch (or rather, a goof) of sorts. Initially, I opted to sync my Fitbit activity tracker to the Run the Year 2017 challenge website to track my distance. However, that meant counting every single step I take. If I walked to the kitchen for a snack, it would count. If I got up for a glass of water in the middle of the night, it would count.

That didn’t seem right to me.

Adapted from public domain artwork

For this challenge, I intend to log only intentional exercise miles.

The event organizers have set this thing up to employ the honor system. Participants can decide which sorts of steps and distances they wish to count. Walking, hiking, jogging, and running are all legit, they say. However, biking is not. And it matters not whether miles are accumulated indoors (as on a treadmill, elliptical, or indoor track) or outdoors. Trails, roads, or sidewalks are fine. Races, training runs, or Sunday strolls are all good, according to the rules.

So there we are.

Three weeks into the challenge, I went onto my tracking page on the official website and deleted my Fitbit access. Then I logged my intentional exercise miles for each day individually. As of this morning, that put me at 127 miles (and change). That puts me about eight miles ahead of schedule.

With a mileage challenge like this, there’s no option of falling behind. Skipping a few days would really rack up the make-up miles! Sure, everyone needs a rest day now and then, but too many rest days (especially in a row) would lead to some real long-distance running to pay for them.

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