I wanna run 2,017 miles in 2017.

Go ahead. Call me crazy. I just signed up with an online challenge called Run the Year 2017. That means I’ve committed to run 2,017 miles in 2017. (That’s right. Maybe I should be committed – or something like that.)

The challenge starts (You guessed it.) on New Year’s Day. 

How hard is it to run 2017 miles in a year?

It averages out to 5.5 miles/day or just over 38.75 miles/week. That's 168 miles/month.

That’s fairly doable in the warm-weather months, but it might become extra challenging in the worst of winter, particularly here in the upper Midwest U.S.

Still, I love a good deadline. (Hey, I’m a former editor and promotional executive. Deadlines sort of go with the territory in the corporate and publishing worlds.)

And, if I make it, the Run the Edge folks who organized this year-long virtual running challenge will send me the dandy medal pictured here. (The commemorative tee shirt is extra.)

As a disclaimer, I have to mention that I don’t tend to do a lot of virtual races. There’s something about lining up for real-life races with flesh-and-blood runners that sort of grabs me. But this one sort of feels like a super New Year’s resolution that might stick.

Want to join the fun?

If you hurry, you can use this discount code and get $5 off the entry fee.


(The code is supposed to expire on Thanksgiving morning at approximately 8 am CST.)

Whew! Hope I can swing this. I did a 1,000-mile challenge last year, and I completed it in about six months. So this should be a boost.

 Event medal / promo photo
and virtual bib photo
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  1. Can I enter beino in the UK?

    1. Pretty sure you can. Click through to the challenge website, and you will see!


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