Oops. Caught myself singing to my headphones at the gym again

Runners love peppy jams. We crank our favorite upbeat tunes into our ears to rev up our own energy levels and get our feet moving. And it helps.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve been ready to sink and stop, right in the middle of a run, only to find a high-tempo song starting and juicing me right back up again.

Heck, it happens nearly every run.

Like many runners, I’ve personally curated dozens of custom playlists of favorite songs (with various beats-per-minute levels) to serve as soundtracks for my runs. I have faster songs for 5Ks and somewhat slower ones for long-distance outings. (I’m working on my full marathon playlist now. Got any song suggestions?)

Running without music is a lot harder for me. 

I need the rhythm to urge me to keep going. And when I run, I’m usually listening to songs I wouldn’t otherwise pick. Often, I can be found singing my way along a trail or the shoulder of a county highway.

My running playlist is fully loaded with cheesy uptunes. They work! I can “Crocodile Rock” on the run – all the way “Up Around the Bend” to the “Marrakesh Express” and “Break on Through to the Other Side” to reach the “End of the Line” with the best of ‘em. I even have some guilty pleasure pop numbers in the mix.

That brings us to today and my “Oops” moment.

I was cranking along at the gym, right around mile 4, and getting in the zone. Then I realized my lips were moving. And I looked up to see a couple of folks staring.

Ugh. I was singing again. I was pretty much belting it out, if you want to know the truth. And the weird part was that no one else could hear the rest of the music. It was just me – panting out the melody with sweaty gusto.

OK, it gets worse.

On this particular day, the playlist pumping in my ears was filled with show tunes. Yup, that’s right. It wasn’t exactly “Hakuna Matata,” but that’s not a far cry from what it actually was.

Ever done this? C’mon, admit it. Hey, it happens. Chalk it up to workin’ it while working out.

Or you could just say I was hearing voices.

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