Tripping up on a gym pal's name

Gyms can be social spots, especially when we step onto the same sets of machines, day after day. Sure, most of us zone in pretty intently on our own workout rhythms, our consoles, and our tunes. But we’d have to be totally tuned out not to nod or smile or at least say hello to some of those fellow members that we see on a daily basis.

Enter my unnamed workout friend.

We’ve had plentiful conversations, cranking out mile after mile after mile on neighboring ellipticals and treadmills. We’ve logged more laps on the track together than anyone would care to count. We’ve counted crunches on adjacent gym mats.

Along the way, we’ve passed our smart phones back and forth, showing family photos and stories.

Over the course of several months, we’ve become genuine friends.

But I can’t remember her name. And it’s way too late to ask.

I know her kids’ names, her pets’ names, and lots of anecdotes from her life. I know her average mile pace and how many sit-ups she can do in one sitting. I know her favorite workout songs and TV shows. I know what she had for breakfast this morning and what movie she saw last weekend.

But her name? Couldn’t tell you.

I keep hoping she’ll introduce herself to someone else, while I am within earshot. Because I am embarrassed to have to ask again at this point.

Bet that happens a lot at the gym. Hey, I know it does.

CDC - Amanda Mills, Courtesy of Public Health Image Library

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