I re-upped! Running 2,018 miles in 2018

Call me a glutton for punishment perhaps. I signed up for Run the Edge’s Run the Year 2018 challenge. That means I have committed to do 2,018 miles during the course of 2018.

Here’s the math:

2,018 miles = 5.53 miles x 365 days
2,018 miles = 38.3 miles x 52 weeks
2,018 miles = 168.2 miles x 12 months

Daily routine steps do not count. These are intentional fitness miles only. I will count road and trail running miles, dog-joring/canine cross-country miles, treadmill miles, elliptical miles, track miles, and hiking miles.

Who’s with me for the challenge?

Gotta admit it: I enjoyed the 2017 challenge, but I was not going to do it again this year. I hesitated, because I am focusing on training for my first full marathon. But I figure I’ll be logging plenty of miles anyway, so why not?

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