Ever been bugged by a bug at the gym? I have!

What bugs you most when you work out at the gym?

Lots of distractions and annoyances can interrupt our workouts. Too-chatty gym rats are a prime example, especially when we don’t even know them. Nosy folks on neighboring machines are another, as they peek repeatedly at our consoles to view our speeds or distances. Stuff like that can bug us.

But have you ever encountered an actual bug at the gym?

Eek. I just did.

I was cranking along on the elliptical machine and minding my own business. I picked up my gym-issued towel, which was draped over the control panel. I wiped my face and then nearly fell off the contraption -- after I noticed there was a big bug on the towel. There he was, clinging to the terrycloth in stark black and white.

I shook the towel, and he fell to the floor. He scurried away and ducked under a rowing machine nearby.

Was it a cockroach or a beetle?

I was NOT about to stop my workout to climb down for a closer look. All I know is that it was big and shiny and altogether unexpected.

But I would bet the gym is due for an exterminator visit.

Adapted from public domain artwork

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