Sneakers: Don't leave home without 'em.

Lacing up is half the battle, when it comes to running.

Clothes matter for runners. Especially shoes. No, I’m not crowing about fashion or brand-names or fancy labels. I’m talking about preparation. The mere act of putting on running apparel actually increases the odds that a runner is actually gonna get out there and run.

Someone probably has scientific statistics somewhere to back this up.

I know it’s true for me.

It’s kind of like dressing for success. If I’m already wearing my running shorts, capris, or tights, I’m probably good to go. If I’m sporting a tech tee or tank, I’m raring to go. I’ve got sneakers at the ready, it’s a given. Today’s run is gonna happen.

If I have to start from scratch, changing out of work clothes, procrastination has a chance. Stalling might keep me from running … or having time to run as far that day.

What does this look like in actual practice?

On days when I can afford to wear running clothes from the start (like on lots of weekends), I am already half-ready at the get-go. On busier days, I try to lay out running wear (or pack my gym bag with it), so it’s ready for action. Somehow that adds incentive, probably because I’ve already saved the extra steps of pulling stuff out of the closet and dresser drawers.

On really busy occasions, I try to have running clothes in my car. Hey, you never know when a window of time might open up, and I might have a chance to dash to the gym or log a few miles outdoors along the way. I’ve even jogged in shopping malls, hospital corridors, and corporate headquarters. (True story.)

Yesterday this plan sort of backfired.

Early in the morning, I packed running clothes, socks, and even a Bondi Band sports headband (which nicely holds back my errant bangs, as they grow out). I tucked a couple of running snacks and a fresh water bottle into my bag. And I headed out to meet a full agenda day.

But I forgot to pack my sneakers.

That afternoon, I found myself with a spare 45 minutes in the early afternoon. The sun was shining, raising the outdoor temperature to the mid-40s. And I was stuck in a pair of high-heeled pumps. Not exactly ready to pound out a few miles.

Lesson learned. 

It’s time to start keeping a spare pair of sneakers in the car. And maybe my riding boots too. Never know when I might stop by at the stables for a quick visit or a ride.

Adapted by Runderdog from public domain art.

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