Runners need guns … but that may not mean what you think.

“Son of a gun. Do you have a license for those guns?”

Um, well …

Stick around the gym long enough, and you’re likely to hear something like that. Alright, so no one have ever actually said that to me, but I have overheard such quips directed at other people. You know: big, burly, muscled people.

Here’s a little secret (or not).

Runners need guns. Yes, we do. But not the kind you find in headlines and angry social networking posts.

No, silly. Not that sort of guns.

Most runners aren’t actually packing heat when we hit the pavement. OK, some surely are. And plenty have pepper spray, whistles, or other means of protection. More than a few of us also have big, scary dogs in tow, as we crank out our daily miles on roads or trails.

But guns? Runners have guns?

Oh, yes. The fittest of runners sport pretty impressive guns. The rest of us are still building them. It would be jumping the gun to say we are all fully armed at this point.

This month, I’m doing a 30-day ARMS Challenge. I’m posting a calendar chart (all month long) in the sidebar on this site, so you can keep up with my progress. 

I’m hoping my own particular set of guns will be license-worthy by the end of the month.

That may be a tall order.

But I’m trying. I’m flexing and lifting and hoisting and exercising to build up those babies. You might say I am going great guns to develop a set of guns.

Nope, I’m not a gun runner. Just a runner who’s working on my guns.

I’m not packing steel. But I’m sure lifting plenty of it. I’m gunning for this goal – lock, stock, and barrel. Does that count?

Silhouette image adapted by Runderdog from public domain art.
30-Day ARMS Challenge - Runderdog calendar.

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