1st Quarter check-in: On-track to run 2,018 in 2018

Whew! On the last day of March, marking the end of the year’s first quarter, I am right on schedule. My current total is 504.05 miles.

OK, technically I have to run 504.5 miles per quarter to rack up 2,018 miles by the end of this year. So maybe I’ll take the dogs out for a lap or two around the block. (Just kidding.)

I ran 184.8 miles in the month of March and completed the last event in a six-race winter 5K series. Honestly, I’m relieved to be on-track, particularly as I have some longer races coming up (along with marathon training), and I will have to block out some of those dreaded taper and rest days.

So I’d hate to be behind on my year-to-date mileage total at this point.

Gotta say: I am thankful that spring weather seems to be lingering rather faithfully. It’s a lot more fun (Read: less boring) to run longer distances outdoors (especially in pleasant weather) than to stomp out miles on an indoor track or gym equipment. Although I appreciate having those options available, I really prefer being out and about.

So here’s to three more quarters of running 500+ miles to mark the year’s goal.

Stop back, and see if I make it (for the second year in a row).

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