State your case: In how many US states have you run?

Can you list the various states in which you have run? Nope, we’re not counting a state of confusion, a state of mind, a state of grace, or even a state of hypnosis. Your state of consciousness doesn’t count, either, even if it changes frequently. 

Let me restate that: We’re talking official US states here.

Many a runner aims to complete at least one race (perhaps a half marathon, a full marathon, or a triathlon) in each of the 50 US states.

Is that you? If so, which states have you marked off on your list? And in which states will you run races this year?

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Here’s a fun idea. 

Bondi Bands now has classic stretchy sports headbands (for men and women) for every single US state. They’re offering a BOGO (buy-one-get-one) deal: USBOGO is the code for the checkout screen on their website.

That makes it easier to stock up on US states headbands to wear while racing in each state – or to sport after completing a race in each one.

And, if you choose other Bondi Band merchandise, be sure to enter my RUNDERDOG code at checkout for 10% off. Glad to share it!
US map graphic adapted by Runderdog from public domain image
Bondi Band promo image – fair use

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