Running the Year update: 86% and counting

Running 2,017 miles in 2017 sounded like a cool idea, as the new year rolled in. “That’s about 5.5 miles a day,” I said. “Hey, it’s doable.” So I signed up for the Run the Year 2017 challenge.

With November fast approaching (and the end of the year closing in quickly), I decided to run a quick tape total.

Whoo. Looks like I just might make it.

As of today (October 27th), I am at 1,739 miles for 2017. That’s 86% of the way to the goal of 2,017. That means I have to average 4.2 miles a day to finish by New Year’s Eve. And I haven’t logged today’s miles yet.

Plus, I have a few longer races coming up, which will help.

I’d love to wrap up this total before Christmas. Hey, you never know what wild winter weather may whirl in by then!

Think I can reach 2,017?

You can check the left-hand sidebar on this site (through the end of the year) to see my latest mileage total for 2,017. You’ll find my progress charts for other fitness challenges there as well.

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