Thanks, Brooks, for standing behind your sneakers.

Gotta love it when a company does it right.

The best running shoes can be hard to find. How many pairs of pricey sneakers have you purchased, only to discover after a few miles that they really didn’t fit so well after all? And how many pairs broke down or fell apart far too soon?

I’ve been there. I’ve tried countless brands and models. I’ve consulted foot fit experts in the pricey running stores. And I’ve limped home sock-footed from training runs, carrying spiffy new shoes.

Finally, a couple of years ago, I tried Brooks Glycerins. And they worked for me! Since then, I’ve owned several pairs. (Yes, I know you’re supposed to replace running shoes after every 400-600 miles, depending on how and where you run.)

I’ve never had a problem with the fit, feeling, or fortitude of these shoes. Then, about a month ago, I noticed a weird rip in one shoe. Nothing actually happened to tear it. I didn’t take a tumble or get caught in a thorny thicket or anything. So I was puzzled.

After a bit, I decided to write to the company. I included some photos. And guess what! They sent me a brand-new pair of the same shoe.

 Way to go! I wanna cheer when a company stands behind its own product.

Yes, Brooks. I’ll be back in a few hundred miles. You can count on it.

In the meantime, I can't wait to run in these. Oh, wait, it's raining like crazy here today. Maybe I'll slip on a crummy old pair and save the shiny kicks for tomorrow's (drier) run.

Race photographer image.
Used by permission.

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Product photo by LAN/Runderdog
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