Sick days are setbacks for runners!

Days are slipping by, and I’d sure love to slip on my sneakers. But I’ve been stuck in my slippers for a few days. OK, I’ve stepped out for essential errands and meetings. But my running has fallen back a bit this week.

Blame it on a respiratory infection, bringing a stuffy and pounding head and a racking chest cough. And an ear infection. And a whole constellation of related symptoms.

Setbacks indeed!

Thank God for antibiotics, even if they make me feel pretty yucky. Hey, people used to die from fairly simple infections before these wonder drugs came around. So I’m truly thankful.

Right about now, I’m waiting for the meds to kick in and do their stuff. It’s been 48 hours since I left the walk-in clinic and started prescriptions.

But I still can’t get out there and break into a real run without breaking into a cold sweat and a coughing fit before the first mile marker. I’m jogging and logging shorter distances and sticking to indoor options. (Did I mention I hate the treadmill?)

OK, this might be an exaggeration. Not actually dying. Just dying to run.

C’mon, recovery! I have miles to run. I have a year-end total to chase. I have dogs that need to run off some steam. I have a longer race coming up in one week. And I have a brand-new Garmin to test out. (I had to ditch the Fitbit. That’s another story!)

Time is running out for this runner! Can’t wait to feel better.
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