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Runderdog is runleashed and runstoppable. Join me on the journey, will you? Follow the trail of a former gym class drop-out, who picked up running decades later and never looked back.

Middle age, real-life challenges and responsibilities, and a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis lit a fire under me and sent me off and running on county roads and trails. Soon, I toed the line (somewhat hesitantly at first) at local and regional races. And I became hooked.

If you are a runner, you know exactly what that means. Maybe you have also become runleashed and runstoppable.

Let’s do this thing.

Whether you're the lead runner or a long-shot, c'mon by to this site, and comment to share your stories.

Be sure to bookmark Runderdog: Runleashed and Runstoppable, so you can double back often for stories, news, views, and reviews – all focused on running.

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