Teaming up for a marathon relay run is fun.

Gotta love running with a team. 

This weekend, I joined 15 other fellow runners/friends from Team RWB for a Marathon Relay. We formed four four-person teams. The race field included 100 teams total, running along the huge indoor track at Milwaukee’s Pettit National Ice Center. 

What a wonderful group of folks.

Each team ran 96 giant loops around the speed skating oval, which encircled two full-sided hockey rinks (with games in play), to complete the 26.2-mile full marathon distance.

Our four teams averaged from 7-10 minutes per mile for the marathon relay.

Those were pretty good race times for us, especially considering we did hand-offs every 3-4 laps. (We passed Velcro ankle bracelets, which contained the official race timing chips.) 

Tagging in and out meant sharing a timer-chipped ankle bracelet.
Along the way, we were passed by plenty of high school and college track teams (and scores of really fast runners).

We didn't place in any medal categories, but we finished with spirit and fun. And we had a great day together.

Perhaps the best moment for me was running the final set of laps for my team and having my fellow team members join me for the very last lap. Can't beat that ... even if several other teams beat us in the race itself.

Sometimes just finishing a long race together is victory enough.
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