Ready to run, but facing technical difficulties?

It’s a beautiful, though chilly, day. With best intentions, I polished off my morning workload and planned to knock off a few miles before digging into the afternoon projects.

  • Running clothes? Check.
  • Sneakers? Check.
  • Headphones? Check.
  • Gloves? Check.

You know that moment when you get all revved up to run … and then you discover your activity tracker is out of battery juice?

Let’s face it. Running distances are meant to be counted. Sure, they count towards personal fitness and overall health. But runners love to have those miles rack up totals for smart phone apps and personal challenges.

Call it First World Problems, if you want.

And, yes. I could just go by my Runkeeper and Charity Miles apps on my phone. But let’s face it: That wouldn’t give me step-goal credit for the day. So I’m plugging my FitBit Charge HR in and giving it an hour or so to charge up again before I hit the bricks.

Now, if I can just find that Fitbit Charge HR power cord.

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