Spotify picks leave me and my dog howling on the trail

My little Lab cross and I just completed a frosty trail race, and I cannot stop laughing. Blame it on Spotify.

As the group gathered at the start line, I peeled off my running gloves just long enough to queue up the Spotify app on my iPhone. It was so cold out that I didn’t even bother to pull out my reading glasses. I just picked the first running-related playlist I could find and started up the music.

I jammed my earbuds under my hat and waited, stomping my sneakers on the frozen ground in a vain effort to regain some feeling in my already-chilled feet.

“Ready, set go!” called the run organizer.

With my pup tethered by a bungee leash to my dog-joring waist pack, we took off with the pack, racing up the first hill. We bolted into the woods, following the trail. Crosby (aka ROBODOG) leapt over fallen trees like a gazelle. (Gee, I wish I could do that.)

We rounded the bend at the turnaround point.

And then it happened.

My four-legged tow-dog stopped suddenly in her tracks.

“C’mon! Let’s RUN!” I hollered. (The R-word is pretty much her favorite thing to hear, second only to “Are you hungry?” and the footsteps of the cat, making yet another narrow escape.)

But Crosby wouldn’t budge. She squatted right where she was and began making a deposit trailside.

Several runners tromped past us. I was pretty sure more than a few looked askance at us. Maybe they didn’t have dogs of their own.

Just then, I realized what Spotify was piping into my ears:

"Taking care of business every day.
Taking care of business every way.
I've been taking care of business, it's all mine.
Taking care of business and working overtime."

Thanks to Spotify and Bachman-Turner Overdrive, I nearly fell over laughing. Maybe the funniest part was that no one else had any idea why I had tears streaming down my face as we began to run again.

Get serious. That’s funny stuff.

We’re out there running our butts off, and ROBODOG stops to leave her own little spot-i-fido on the trail, taking care of her own business, while BTO is “Takin’ Care of Business” in my ears. No matter who won the race, I’d say Spotify scored a few points – at least for me and Crosby.

(No, my dog does not actually wear headphones.)

Adapted from public domain artwork.

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