Done! I ran 2,017 miles in 2017

Phew! Did it, and with about a week to spare. I finished this 365-day goal on December 23, breathing a sigh of relief. It sure sounded like a lot of miles, when I committed to the thing at the beginning of the year.

UPDATE: My year-end total for 2017 was just over 2,050.

This was a virtual race challenge, organized by Run the Edge. And I don’t usually sign up for virtual races. But I liked the challenge. I needed the motivation. So I did it.

Several snags tried to trip me up:  an ankle injury, a bout with bronchitis, shin splints, a couple of flu incidents, more than a few back spasms ("Hello, kinesthesiology tape!") and a whopping multiple sclerosis exacerbation that lasted a few weeks. And there were these two pairs of pricey (but ill-fitting) sneakers that didn’t work out for me in midsummer. (Yup, I donated them without a blink.)

But somehow, the miles got done.

Here’s what I counted and logged:  race miles, road running miles, training run miles, trail hike miles, dog-joring/canine cross-country miles, treadmill miles, elliptical miles, and track miles. I did not count routine Fitbit or Garmin steps (I switched devices in the fall.). 

Nope. these were intentional “lace-on-those-sneakers-and-sweat” miles.

So there it is. And I burned up three pairs of running shoes in the process. Workin’ on the fourth pair now.

Did I re-up for the 2,018 in 2018 challenge? Not officially. I’m gonna try to reach that total, but my bigger goal for the year is to train and run my first-ever full marathon. If I can rack up 2,018 miles in the process, all the better.

Happy New Year!

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