Parked: Can't go in the gym till devices are charged up

Guilty as charged. I’m the one who’s sitting in a parked car at the gym with the engine idling, waiting for my Fitbit and my smart phone to recharge. At least, I was yesterday.

Yada-yada. I know I should have checked both devices before leaving home. Sure, they could have charged up while I was stuck at my desk earlier. 

But I didn’t. I charged off to the gym without charging my electronics.

So, no. I’m not some scary stalker, watching all of the fitness fanatics jogging into the gym. And I’m not sitting there eating bon-bons and procrastinating about logging laps or pumping iron.

I just didn’t want to work out without music. And everyone knows a workout doesn’t really count, unless it is somehow electronically recorded.

Here’s the funny part.

Once I climbed aboard the elliptical machine to get started, I noticed the console has charging jacks. And there’s a traditional electrical outlet on the gym, right next to the first row of machines.

Next time, I’m tucking my charger cords into my gym bag, just in case. (Of course, if I can remember to do that, wouldn’t it be just as simple to remember to charge my devices up at home?)

Adapted from public domain artwork.

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