Second winds wind runners up for many more

Phew. That first mile can be a killer, can’t it?

Countless runners groan through the initial stretch of any run. But somehow, if we push on through, we find our pace and pound out our intended distances with power and consistency.

And when we come around the final curve in the road (or on the trail), we’re positively panting with pride. We’re gasping with glee. And we’re dripping with delight, just because we did what we set out to do that day.

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“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out if they’ve got a second.”
William James, American philosopher (1842-1910)

Ignore the grammar goofs in that quote for a moment.

That second wind is a blast!

Oh, how I needed this inspirational quote today. I’m stomping my way back from a soft tissue injury, trying to encourage mending, while ramping my miles back up. You see, there’s this half marathon this weekend. I’m already registered and committed.

But it still hurts, especially in the early stages of any run. If I keep going, it sort of abates for a bit. Sure, it reminds me later, as I wrap and ice that limb. But my will to run is strong lately. It’s gotta be. I have mileage goals to meet and races on the calendar.

Call us stubborn, if you must. But sometimes runners just gotta run.

Adapted from public domain artwork.

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