Oh, dear. Treadmill cheating is only spinning your wheels.

Maybe working out at the gym is serious business, but I have to say sometimes it’s just plain funny. 

Yesterday’s a great example. I trudged into the gym, stashed my stuff in a locker, and picked out a treadmill. As I plodded along, willing the miles to pass quickly, I began glancing around. There’s sort of an unwritten rule about personal space while working out. Part of it includes refraining from staring at others.

Occasionally this proves extra challenging.

In the row ahead of me, I could not help but notice a young woman running extra fast on her treadmill. Maybe twenty-something, she was pumping her arms like a bird beginning to take off. She fairly flew up and down with each stride. At first, I was sort of impressed.

Adapted by this user from public domain artwork.

Then it happened.

After about 20 seconds, she grabbed the handrails and leapt onto the side panels. She didn’t pause the machine. Instead, she let the thing run and run and run. She stood there for several minutes, watching the machine-mounted TV intently. Then she jumped back onto the belt and sprinted to stay on for another short stint before repeating the process.

Again and again, she ran and rested. The miles kept rolling by, whether her feet made contact with the moving belt or not. Mostly not.

This lasted for quite a while. Finally, she pulled out a smart phone, snapped a photo of the control panel, and left.

C’mon. That’s funny.

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