February bonus: Short pants, long run

You’ve gotta love unseasonably warm weather. Here we are, enjoying 50- to 60-degree (F) days in February in Wisconsin! And we all know what that means: Digging out running shorts and tee shirts for extended outdoor jaunts!

Like any other enthusiastic runner, I just pulled out a long-forsaken wispy tech tee and a pair of shorts and slipped ‘em on. Yikes! I’m nearly blinded by the sight of my whiter-than-white limbs! (I haven’t even worn shorts or running capris to the gym lately.)

But I’m steeling my nerves, lacing on my sneakers, and stepping boldly into the great out of doors to expose my ghostly gams and ashen arms to the world. Forget the sunscreen. I need all the rays I can catch, right about now. 

Why, yes. I will be the ghost out there, running with the pasty whites.

C’mon, natural vitamin D. Do your stuff! (My doc says I need more of that anyway.)

Warning, drivers. Those aren’t sunspots, blinding your vision along the road. That’s just little old me, clomping along on a long-overdue long run.

Drive on, folks. Nothing to see here.

I’m just sick of the treadmill and eager to take the scenic route today.

(Hey, I’ve committed to do 2,017 miles in 2017. It’s nearly March, and I’m about six miles behind schedule. So today’s the day to make those up.)

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Adapted from public domain artwork.

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