Runners: What's the weirdest thing you've ever stepped over on a run?

Outdoor runners tend to be a curious sort. Maybe it’s because runners are so relieved to leave indoor treadmills behind and strike off into the great, big world to knock off a few miles. Perhaps the solitude of stomping out long stretches of roads and trails that makes such folks more observant. Runners may simply be trying to keep their wits about them, remaining alert for possible dangers.

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For whatever reason, running enthusiasts tend to encounter all sorts of intriguing sights along the way. On a single cross-country run recently, I stumbled over a full dozen curiosities, strewn about on the ground. 

Adapted by this user from public domain photo.

  1. A belly-up goldfish (next to a Midwestern cornfield)
  2. A bent horseshoe
  3. A bicycle chain
  4. A broken barbecue grill grate
  5. A dead snake (At least, I think it was dead.)
  6. A dented antique gold-leaf serving tray
  7. A disposable razor
  8. A headless Olympic athlete Barbie doll
  9. A preppy grosgrain ribbon golf belt
  10. A single sneaker
  11. An Atlanta Braves ball cap (Did I mention this is Wisconsin?)
  12. Three bed wheels

That doesn’t even count the miscellaneous forms of road kill and blown-out tire pieces I leapt over, as I plodded along.

Perhaps it pays to watch one’s step, while on the run. Runners have shared stories of finding everything from toys to trinkets and coins to corpses. What other strange items have runners seen on recent sojourns?

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